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Susutainabilty & Vastu

At SAA we treat ‘Sustainability’ as an integral part of our design process from inception to construction stage. Reducing base energy demands is our first priority and therefore majority of our designs are oriented towards maximizing daylight and passive ventilation. In developing our schemes further we work closely with our clients to formulate a bespoke sustainability strategy that is integrated into the evolution of design and then carried to the construction stage.

SAA is an active member* of the Indian Green Building Council and our lead architects have successfully implemented numerous green building systems like Central Heat Pump’s, ground source heat pumps, solar voltaic, green roofs and super insulated facades in recent years.

We* have delivered multiple large-scale residential, commercial and recreational projects achieving high standards of sustainable construction codes like Code of Sustainable Homes and BREEAM of Building Research Establishment.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient doctrine that consists of the percepts born out of a traditional view on how laws of nature affect human living. It works on the basic theme of matter, energy and describes the complete matrix of architecture, geometry, orientation, measurements and proportions with a view to the place and the occupant. At SAA, besides functionality and creativity, when desired Vastu principles are used as important parameters in the planning and designing for healthy and sustainable habitat.

Our principal architect has Anita has a wide experience on the science of Vastu Shastra. When required, she ensures that the designs produced are compliant with vastu principles. She has not only provided consultancy for the new construction but also for the refurbishment of the existing buildings. She follows a practically tested approach to find solutions.

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